Tuesday August 4, 2015 3:55 p.m. MDT
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Emma Simmins


Rating: 5

Emma Simmins Ghost Ranch

I love to go to Ghost Ranch for the obvious live music, but the food is a hidden gem and spectacular. I also love the atmosphere and the bar is so unique. The best touch is the spiced almonds on the bar!

Rating: 5

Emma Simmins Soda Creek Pizza

I love the pizza here! They have some of the most unique pizzas in town. I love that I can get wild game for my husband and just a traditional pepperoni/mushroom for myself. I also like that they have Ben & Jerry's It always nice to get some to-go desert with my to-go pizza. The staff is very nice and they are quick if you just walk right in. They really appreciate the local business which is so refreshing in a tourist run town. Thank you Soda Creek Pizza for serving wonderful, high quality, fresh, delicious pie! :)

Rating: 5

Emma Simmins Noodles & More Saigon Cafe

Best restaurant in town! The food is so fresh and delicious everytime!

Rating: 5

Emma Simmins Mountain View Car Wash & Detailing

My car always comes out SOOOOOO clean and I dont even have to get out. The best part is the drying and wiping out of the door jams. They are GOOD!

Rating: 5

Emma Simmins Auto Glass Masters

They are sooooooo friendly, fast and do excellent work.

Rating: 5

Emma Simmins Mountain Traditions Gallery

This place has a lot of really neat artwork. They also have a large variety of styles and types of paintngs and sculptures. The owner is very knowledgalbe, helpful & funny!

Rating: 5

Emma Simmins Shear Passion at TriBeCa

Jessica is so wonderful! Her salon is very chiche LA style and comfortable. I love that she always has the newest fashions/ideas for hair. I have NEVER been disappointed! The best part is you book online which is super convenient!

Rating: 5

Emma Simmins Steamboat Floral & Gifts

Super fast & reliable service. Their arrangements are absulutely beautiful and range from elegant, romantic& tradtional to unique, colorful & fun! Best flowers in town!

Rating: 5

Emma Simmins Plan B - Buy, Loan, Consign

This place is awesome! They have a ton of very cool, useful, and unique things. Whether you are looking for home decor, an antique or hunting/camping supplies they have. They also have great rates for buying/consigning items! Great new business in town!