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Dog's Eye View: A walk in the park

I remember what I learned at the stock dog workshop. My dog and I need to work together as a team everywhere.

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Full lineup for the 2015 Free Summer Concert Series released

At the annual benefit for the Free Summer Concert Series, board members present the full 2015 lineup.

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Greg Johnson: Flashback

Hiking up to the gondola evokes different memories for each hiker, but Greg Johnson was taken back to the Andes Mountains in Bolivia during his recent trip up Mount Werner.

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation's Great Elk Tour scheduled to make a stop in Steamboat

In April, Steamboat will have the unique opportunity to see the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Great Elk Tour that regularly goes to national trade shows or conventions.

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Local artist profile: Brian Leach

Inspired by unique materials, local artist Brian Leach finds innovative ways to create art and furniture.

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Denver funk band to headline Saturday show at Schmiggity's

Known as a local favorite, the Denver funk band Filthy Children will headline Schmiggity's Saturday.

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The Bock’s Office: ‘Insurgent’ a slightly enhanced sequel

“The Divergent Series: Insurgent” may not go in an entirely new direction, but as a bridge between two other movies, at least it holds up even with the shaky foundation with which it started.

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Katie Carroll: The Wheeland Brothers

The Wheeland Brothers, bonafide surfer rock musicians from Southern California, will be in Steamboat Springs on Saturday to headline the Bud Light Rocks the Boat Free Music Series.

Free Summer Concert Series benefit will take place Friday

To help keep the Free Summer Concert Series Free, the annual benefit event be this Friday featuring live music and a silent auction in addition to the announcement of three acts for the summer lineup.

Ciao from Cortina: This is Italy

In my family, we have a phrase, “this is Italy," which is used in situations that make no sense. It’s accompanied by a dismissive shrug of the shoulders and a facial expression that says “sorry, you’re out of luck.”

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Jimmy Westlake: Exploding star visible before dawn

About 10,000 years ago, in a star system far, far away, a layer of superheated hydrogen gas on the surface of a dead star called a white dwarf erupted in a thermonuclear inferno. The light flash from that explosion finally arrived at Earth last week producing the brightest “nova stella” in our skies since at least August 2013.

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Making the show

Ryan Dyer lived his US ski team dream for three years — he’s determined to get back

There are roughly a dozen ways to make the U.S. Freestyle Ski Team, but only about three that matter to an up-and-coming skier. Making the team doesn’t actually guarantee anyone much of anything. Only a fraction of the team’s members get to compete in World Cup events.

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12th annual Penguin Plunge makes a splash Saturday

Benefiting a local cause, the 12th annual Penguin Plunge will take place Saturday at the Catamount Lake House pool.

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Rock 'n' roll musician to visit Steamboat

With a vast repertoire and experience in the music industry, rock 'n' roll musician Dave Mason will be in Steamboat Springs Friday for a performance at the Strings Music Pavilion.

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The Bock’s Office: ‘Cinderella’ a lovely rendering of an already-told fairy tale

The newest adaptation of “Cinderella” has the unfortunate situation of two confining glass slippers, each made from different but demanding audience expectations. Whichever of these shoes fits best, the other probably won’t be happy.

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Yoga workshop to help welcome the spring season

On Sunday, local yoga instructors will get together for a unique opportunity to learn about different aspects of yoga and how to transition into the spring.

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Ag Appreciation Week starts Sunday

Recognizing the value of agriculture in Routt County, the Community Ag Alliance has teemed up with local businesses and organizations for Ag Appreciation Week.

Dog's Eye View: You get what you pay for

We use food as a reward/reinforcer for behavior we want to see more of when we train dogs.

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Sarah Coleman: Eat, drink and dance that butt off

This week, health and fitness contributor Sarah Coleman gives readers tips for going out of their cooking comfort zone to try something new.

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Katie Carroll: Meet the Yampa Valley Boys

This week for the local band profile, Katie Carroll interviewed the old timey folk bluegrass band known as the Yampa Valley Boys.