Sunday September 21, 2014 6:09 p.m. MDT
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Thoughtful Parenting: What does courage mean to you?

Dr. Michael Popkin, author of "Active Parenting of Teens," defines courage as “the confidence to take a known risk for a known purpose.” We often encourage youths to take risks, be brave and give it their best shot. What we don’t encourage is accepting that failure may be the outcome.

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Literary Sojourn connects readers and writers

At Saturday's annual Literary Sojournevent held at the Sheraton Steamboat Resort, readers and authors alike had the opportunity to listen to five nationally recognized authors. Each writer talked about his or her inspiration for the stories and the characters in their published works.

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Rogues on the Rogue

A sister to the Yampa teaches the value of a wild river

With this month's 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act, those of living along the Yampa River, whose headwaters helped usher in the legislation, would be well advised to look northwest to Oregon’s Rogue River as another waterway teaching the value of wild rivers.

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Strings Music Festival announces exciting winter lineup

Incorporating more diverse acts for the Strings Music Festival offseason, this year's lineup brings a variety of acts and even a theatrical performance during the holiday season.

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Dan Tullos: What to look for at OktoberWest

As a CU grad it pains beer writer, Dan Tullos to give a favorable review for something with Ft. Collins in the name, but he remains impartial and gives his advice on the best brews to try for this weekend's OktoberWest event.

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Farmers Market season ends on a positive note

The Steamboat Farmers Market was revitalized this season due in large part to a change in venue offering more space for vendors and visitors.

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Bazaar of alternative culture debuts in Oak Creek

This weekend the inaugural DitchFest event kicks off for a day full of eclectic music, art and more, highlighting the local talent found in Oak Creek.

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The Bock’s Office: ‘No Good Deed’ has good acting but no good suspense

We all have the urge to play the Good Samaritan for people in times of trouble. Even so, you know what they say about “No Good Deed,” and the movie of the same name isn’t going to inspire you to have faith in that lonesome hitchhiker on the side of the road any more than you did before.

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Social phenomenon back on the main screen this weekend

The film adaption of "Rocky Horror Picture Show" meshes comedy and horror into a musical that involves the participation of all audience members. This Saturday, the movie comes to Steamboat with a midnight showing at the Chief Theater.

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Stephanie Grey: The ultimate vision of an artistically collective group

Welcoming artists of all kinds to become part of the experience of a live show, the local group Ghetdown Network will be at Schmiggity's Friday for a free show as the afterparty for Suds & Grub.

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Oktoberfest traditions with a hint of Steamboat

As the air becomes more crisp and the fall foliage starts to change, it's evident that OktoberWest is finally here. The festival kicks off today with the Suds N Grub event and continues on until Saturday evening.

Gardening with Deb Babcock: Dividing perennials in the fall

Now is a good time to propagate many of the perennials in your garden if they’ve become overgrown, if you just want to have more of a particular plant, or if they seem to have lost some of their hardiness.

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Suzi Mitchell: Reading between the lines

A local book club is less about reading, more about eating. This week Suzi Mitchell discoveres more than she thought she would at her book club meeting.

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Spoke Talk: Take a hike or bike to school

The Steamboat Hike and Bike to School program kicked off two weeks ago and encourages students to walk or ride to their schools on Fridays, weather permitting. The program is sponsored by the Safe Routes to School Initiative and Bike Town USA.

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Steamboat Springs Chamber names new CEO

Jim Clark, a tourism development professional with more than 30 years of hospitality experience, has been named as the new CEO of the Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association, according to a news release.

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Jimmy Westlake: Lyra is heaven’s little harp

Vega is the alpha star in the constellation named Lyra, the Harp, and lies a mere 25 light years from Earth.

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Greater sandhill cranes ignite the creativity and inspiration of local artists

On Saturday afternoon a creative display of cranes decorated the lawn of the Bud Werner Memorial Library for the Crane Yard Art event held in conjunction with the Yampa Valley Crane Festival.

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Book Review: 'Operation' a work of journalistic history; 'Director' a classic spy novel

The secrets our government keeps, or tries to keep, clearly haunt Annie Jacobsen. In "Area 51", her first book, she sought to find what our military and intelligence agencies have been hiding on the restricted access Nevada air force facility from which the book’s title was taken.

Butcherknife Brewing Co. announces coffee porter launch

This week, Butcherknife Brewing Co. is launching its sixth beer, the Morningside Porter, a 4.8 percent ABV porter.

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The Bock’s Office: ‘Hundred-Foot Journey’ has plenty of flavor

The universal love of food is one that goes beyond any language barriers or geographic borders. But the message that we all just want to fill our bellies, be it with curry or hollandaise sauce, isn’t all that the film “The Hundred-Foot Journey” has on its list of specials.