Friday January 30, 2015 3:54 a.m. MST
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Audrey Dwyer: My tips for a winning Super Bowl party

It's almost time for Super Bowl XLIX, whether you will be watching it this year or not, here are a few tips for a Sunday Funday.

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'Modest accumulations at best' with weekend storm

Hope is dying that January 2015 will be spared the reputation of being the driest January in the history of the Steamboat Ski Area, with records going back to 1979.

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Local boutique bakery wins award

Local Cupcake Mini Bar owner, Cassie Piper receives award for her work in planning and styling numerous wedding cakes and decadent treats.

Dog's Eye View: Taking the unplanned path

You see them all around town — people are out with their dogs, running, biking and visiting with friends. Your heart aches. You can’t take your dog out because he barks and lunges at other dogs and might start a fight. He’s your dog and you wish he was like those other dogs that get along. You can’t just give him up.

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Ben Miller Band is back in Steamboat Springs this weekend

The Ben Miller Band combines a contagious bluegrass energy and soul of the delta blues to create what band members called, "Ozark Stomp," with a wide variety of instruments.

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Greg Johnson: A thank you to my mentor

With January as National Mentoring Month, Explore contributor, Greg Johnson says a big thank you to an individual who taught, inspired, and challenged Johnson to be the person he is today.

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Katie Carroll: Acoustic Eidolon

Known as Acoustic Eidolon, this acoustic duo will be the featured act for the Chief Theater's singer-songwriter series tonight starting at 7 p.m.

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Flotation therapy coming to Steamboat Springs

Valerie McCarthy and Brian Savoie are introducing a new spa treatment to Steamboat Springs that involves getting into a futuristic looking flotation tank filled with 10 inches of water and more than 800 pounds of Epsom salts.

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Kelsey Martin: Between the Lines

Upon first glance, Straightline Sports may not seem like a place to find comfortable, casual everyday wear. However, fashion contributor, Kelsey Martin discovered some great pieces at the store.

Ciao from Cortina: Appreciating Italy

This winter we’ve been lucky enough to have a lot of visitors. Having visitors reminds us of all the Italian things we take for granted now and don’t think twice about.

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Steamboat's Dancing with the Stars event takes to the stage Friday

Steamboat's own rendition of "Dancing with the Stars" will take place for the fourth year in a row Friday at the Strings Music Pavilion.

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Good to be the Chief: From the ’20s to the 21st century, this landmark venue unites the community with entertainment

Built for the community, the historic Chief Theater stands as a connecting thread for downtown Steamboat Springs, anchoring the 800 block of Lincoln Avenue.

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Book Review: 'Secret Six' for those fascinated with the Revolutionary War

That we won the Revolutionary War is a matter that will forever, I suppose, intrigue historians, war strategists and American citizens. By all rights, the British should have made short work of us. Why they didn’t is the subject of Kilmeade and Yaeger’s "George Washington’s Secret Six."

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Tales from the Tread: The Summers of Sidney

In 1889, Austrian immigrant John Summer moved his large family from Empire, Colorado, to homestead in the small town of Sidney, 8 miles south of Steamboat Springs. At that time, the town of Sidney consisted of a saloon, a post office and a few cabins.

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Acoustic duo featured at Butcherknife Brewing Co. on Saturday

This weekend, a local acoustic duo will be the featured entertainment in the Butcherknife Brewery Tap Room.

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The Bock’s Office: ‘Paddington’ a tale with lots of warm fuzzies

Winnie the Pooh had his honey, but the star of “Paddington” is addicted to a different substance in his cinematic escapades. Even so, the bear of very little brains isn’t the only one who can give us a sweet story.

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Renowned jazz musicians to perform in Steamboat on Friday

Friday will be a night of jazz at the Chief Theater. Welcoming Colorado singers Carol Frazier and Brian Hull with a group talented musicians Frazier calls the 'Jazz Cats.'

Dog's Eye View: Socialization: Everybody knows about that, Part 1

I’m so glad that dog owners are thinking about the importance of socializing their new puppy or adult dog. Here’s some specific information about socialization.

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Denver blues rock group in town this weekend

On Saturday, the blue rock group known as the Michael Hornbuckle Band will be in Steamboat for a show at Schmiggity's with a new repertoire of songs.

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Hometown astronaut Steve Swanson to share space stories Sunday night in Steamboat

It won't be a trip to the International Space Station, but it will be as close to one as you can get right now here on Earth.