Wednesday August 20, 2014 8:23 p.m. MDT
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Gardening with Deb Babcock: Late bloomers

The intense sun of our mountains seems to fade the color in our gardens as summer moves toward fall. With just a little planning, however, local gardeners can enjoy vibrant late summer/autumn color right up through first frost.

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Grace Hampton and other Steamboat residents travel to Malawi to provide aid

For Steamboat resident, Grace Hampton, her heart remains in Africa and through a steadfast dedication to one community in Malawi, Africa, she has created a new-found hope for the community.

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Spoke Talk: New map navigates Steamboat’s trails

Routt County Riders, Bike Town USA, the city of Steamboat Springs, Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association and Steamboat Ski and Resort Corp. in partnership have created a waterproof and tear-proof trail map that covers all types of trails and suggested routes in and near Steamboat Springs.

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Jimmy Westlake: The Scutum Star Cloud

Scutum is an obscure little constellation, to be sure, with no star brighter than fourth magnitude and ranking only fourth in size among all the constellations. Even so, it is an easy constellation to find in the summer sky.

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10th Mountain Division veterans, descendants celebrate history at gathering

Coming together to celebrate the foundation laid down by ancestors from the World War II era, veterans of the Rocky Mountain 10th Mountain Division and their family members gathered in Steamboat.

Thoughtful Parenting: Tips for a less stressful doctor's visit

As the beginning of a new school year draws near, many Routt County parents will take their young children to the pediatrician for routine checkups and possibly immunizations.

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Athletes push limits at 10th Steamboat Olympic Triathlon

The 10th Steamboat Olympic Triathlon brought a few changes that resulted in an increase of athletes for this year's event.

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New sail plane club has glider pilots giddy

Look skyward this summer and you might see a few more sail planes soaring around Steamboat. This spring, a group of ardent aviators formed the seven-member-strong, nonprofit Steamboat Springs Soaring Association, a glider club pooling resources to fly with a winch off a 4,500-foot-long landing strip on ranch land owned by Ray Selbe.

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Book Reviews: 2 popular books to pick up

Book reviews of Jojo Moyes' "Me Before You" and Liane Moriarty's "Big Little Lies".

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Sketchbook Project deemed a success in Steamboat

After a three day visit from Sketchbook Project's Mobile Library, Steamboat residents find inspiring stories and hope to see the library on tour again soon.

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The Bock’s Office: ‘Into the Storm’ hits you hard but makes little impact

When you’re talking about a force of nature with unimaginable power that leaves behind only destruction, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the Kardashian family. A close second would be that of Hollywood and its seemingly endless supply of mediocre versions of stories that have been told many times, among them the newest disaster film “Into the Storm.”

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Paper Bird to close out Mountain Music Series at Steamboat Ski Area

As the last show of the summer for the Mountain Music Series this folksy Colorado band will bring a show full of danceable tunes and resonating lyrics to Steamboat on Friday.

Woodstock 45th anniversary party in Steamboat to be a celebration of music, culture

An event millions remember or have heard stories about will have its 45th anniversary this weekend and will be celebrated at the Chief Theater.

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Yampa Art Stroll moves off Yampa Street, finds new location at Steamboat Ski Area

The new location and focus of the Yampa Art Stroll infuse new energy into the event that celebrates the fine arts.

Top 5 things to do in Steamboat for the weekend of Aug. 15

The summer may soon come to an end but there is still so much to do in Steamboat. Here are this weekend's top picks for events.

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Art Steamboat brings artists together in celebration of fine arts

Art Steamboat has the potential to change an artist's life but also put Steamboat on the map as a fine arts destination.

Dog's Eye View: Training through adolescence

She was so soft. She nuzzled close and licked my chin and fell asleep in my arms. Putting her to bed was like gently placing a tiny infant to rest. You hardly could bear to leave her alone. She looked at you with such adoration. You were the light of her life. She took your gentle reprimands with a woeful look of humility. She lived to please you and be near you and follow you everywhere. You were her hero and protector. And then she turned 6 months old, the age of burgeoning adolescence.

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Stephanie Grey: Brooklyn based Extraordinary Magnitude

Known commonly as Exmag (side project of Pretty Lights label artist Gramatik) the culmination of the recent gear towards groove infused hip hop, jazz and soul will be in Steamboat this Friday.

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Gardening with Estella Heitman: Plants that love small spaces

Plants that thrive in small places are invaluable in our mountain setting where most of our planting areas include rocks, steep inclines and stepping stone walkways. Many of these plants are hearty, often require very little care once established, crowd out unwanted weeds and lend beauty and softness to otherwise stark areas of our yards and gardens.

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Suzi Mitchell: The greatest meltdown ever

Suzi Mitchell experienced a fromage based revolution this week about a grilled cheese experience.