Tuesday September 2, 2014 5:38 a.m. MDT
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Spostas Sushi, take out and delivery 970-879-4343

Visit website 1104 Lincoln Avenue, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487

Rating: 3 out of 5 5 ratings. 5 user reviews. 5 reviews


  • Phone: 970-879-4343
  • Alternate Phone: 970-846-2461

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Rating: 1

daveb Spostas Sushi, take out and delivery

We got take-out from this place. From the slow service, to messing up our order, to bad quality food, this place is a huge thumbs-down. If you are visiting from out-of-town, like we were, don't waste your time.

The vegetables in our veggie rolls were limp and wilted, and I got the impression that this is the kind of sushi you would make if you lived in the mountains of colorado and didn't actually know anything about making sushi. Unless you think rolling up some steak and A-1 sauce in seaweed is a fun meal, or are really intoxicated, I can't recommend this place.

I suggest you read some other online reviews, and read between the lines when researching this uh ... "joint".

sickofitstmbt replies...

Hello again sir, My name is Christian Talli and I am the owner of Spostas World Sushi and Salads. I have sent you a private message on yelp and offered you a 100% money back and I have not gotten a response. I am really disappointed that you did not like my world sushi concept and would like to make it right yet no response from you. I did notice that in your wonderful review of Creekside(which I also love) you mentioned you and your wife are vegetarians. Yet you put me down for having steak with my sushi. I have not tried A-1 with it yet but sounds delicious. Ill have to try that one. Thanks for the suggestion.
Please contact me at Spostas and I will gladly send you a full refund for yours and your wife's meal. I hope to hear from you soon.
Christian Talli
Spostas LLC

Rating: 5

oldlocal Spostas Sushi, take out and delivery

Spostas!!! LOVE it!!! I am thrilled that Steamboat has a place like this! Everytime I find myself downtown at lunchtime I stop in. I love the NorCal Roll and sometimes the NY Strip Roll (creative and delish!). The ingredients are fresh, the place is clean, the prices are great and the staff is friendly; you can't beat it!! It's The BEST!

Rating: 4

toris Spostas Sushi, take out and delivery

Just had lunch and AMAZING!! Our server at a pub down the road reccomended it to us when he overheard us talking about sushi. What a neat idea having an old school atari to play while he (I think his name was Christ) rolled up our order. He had a few orders in front of us and seemed to have quite a few locals stopping by to pick up takeout orders. Personally I think they missed out on the fun of Space Invaders but oh well :). Our sushi was very good, we had the spicy tuna and the economic crunch. I tried my wife's tuna roll and it was good but was very happy I went with mine as it was delicious. Top five in my experiences with sushi. Only drawback is no in-house seating. Chris explained it was because of no public restrooms, which I can understand, but a little table to sit down and enjoy the rolls would have been nice.

Rating: 5

JenBrie Spostas Sushi, take out and delivery

Absolutely delicious sushi, well-priced and friendly service. The best grab and go healthy lunch or dinner delivery!

Rating: 1

rubyv23 Spostas Sushi, take out and delivery

Raw crunchy rice and questionable fish!