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Paul E Andrews DDS 970-879-1815

505 Anglers Drive # 204, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487 Opens Friday at 8 a.m.

Rating: 3 out of 5 2 ratings. 2 user reviews. 2 reviews


  • Phone: 970-879-1815

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Rating: 5

stmbtjeff Paul E Andrews DDS

Dr. Paul Andrews has been my dentist for a few years since he was recommended to me by a good friend. Dr. Andrews dental work is tirelessly professional, painless and beautiful to behold. His dental work is like that of a gifted artist. To the point that I refer to Dr. Andrews as the Rembrandt of dentistry. While he takes his work very seriously his friendly relaxed demeanor always makes me feel comfortable while I'm in the chair. His entire staff is so wonderful and friendly that I feel at home when I am in his office. I actually look forward to my dental visits. Dr. Andrews and his competent staff also work wonders with my insurance company to make sure that I get the absolute full extent of my coverage. I highly recommend Dr. Paul Andrews because I'm convinced that he is most likely the best, most experienced and friendly dentist in all of Routt County and possibly beyond. I trust Dr. Andrews and his work explicitly.

Rating: 1

Candice Martin Paul E Andrews DDS

Candice Martin replies...

This is a nightmare of a practice. I can not even start to tell you how many ways I felt defiled, degraded, & financially raped by this office. My time was not valued & I missed work several times for scheduled appointments that were over booked & I had to leave & reschedule yet again. Also after $10,000 of my money he is still trying to bill me for unauthorized work & dentures for my husband that he refused to give to him, to the tune of over $6,000!!!!!
So if you want to pay $16,000 for someone to treat you like garbage he's your guy. I feel so violated.

stmbtjeff replies...

Candice, surely you jest. Or perhaps you were having a bad day back in 2013. Whatever the case I hope that you are feeling better. Dr. Paul Andrews is the best, most experienced, friendly dentist I've encountered during my 74 years. Perhaps you should rethink dental insurance companies because I know from experience that Dr. Andrews' competent staff works tirelessly to make sure I receive the full extent of my dental insurance. Here's hoping that you're feeling better.