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Holistic Health Center 970-879-1845

434 Oak Street, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487 Opens Thursday at 10 a.m.

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The Holistic Health Center in Steamboat Springs was opened by Doctors Criste and Halteman in 1980.

The mission statement was simply to provide non-force, instrument-based whole body Chiropractic techniques to humans and animals alike. The center was founded to employ these Chiropractic techniques; and to include nutritional counseling and supplementation, along with massage and acupuncture.

Although unusual in 1980, this has now become the model for providing comprehensive, whole body health care for structural injuries, and visceral dysfunction.

Current practitioners at the Holistic Health Center include Andrea Hyams, CMT, who does a wide range of massage techniques, and Dr. David Criste, DC CVCP, who provides instrument based and non-force Chiropractic techniques, along with Applied Kinesiology. Dr. Criste has over three decades of experience providing health care to women, children, infants, athletes of all stripes, and animals. Indeed, Dr. Criste is acknowledged as being the first equine Chiropractor in Colorado.

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  • Phone: 970-879-1845

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Rating: 5

tmanzanares Holistic Health Center

I've been a client of Holistic Health for nearly 10 years. Dave's gentle chiropractic methods have helped me straighten out numerous issues, including digestive problems and structural issues stemming from a long-ago bike crash. Regular adjustments with Dave have really helped counteract stress on my bones and muscles from mountain biking, skiing, travel, poor sleeping positions and too much time in front of the computer. I've heard he also works wonders on horses and other animals. For a real treat, sign up for a massage with Holistic Health's in-house massage therapist Andrea after your adjustment.