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Creekside Cafe 970-879-4925

Visit website 131 11th Street, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487 Opens Friday at 7 a.m.

Rating: 5 out of 5 8 ratings. 8 user reviews. 8 reviews


  • Phone: 970-879-4925

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Rating: 5

Nicole Miller Creekside Cafe

Try the chile relleno. With black beans, spicy green chili and amazing potatoes, this is my favorite dish in Steamboat.

Rating: 5

Matthew Grasse Creekside Cafe

There is a place in Steamboat that lies over the rainbow, and that would be Creekside Cafe. Creekside exists outside of the normal walk of most visitors, but if you click your heels together, you will find it tucked away on 11th street. I must say it is the hidden gem of tasty goodness. Soda Creek passes right by their outdoor veranda. Now, one cannot eat out there in the winter, but in the summer, it is one of the most pleasant places to dine that I know of in this valley, the sound of a fresh mountain stream passing by puts my mind at ease. I like to go for breakfast, and I've never been disappointed. The corned beef hash is the best you've ever had. The chicken fried steak is your best bet for hangover heaven. All fresh ingredients are used. Vegan and vegetarian dishes available. P.S.- They have a great bloody mary X10....

Rating: 5

tmanzanares Creekside Cafe

This place has it all: Great food, great service and warm ambiance. I think they have the best kids' meals in town for the money -- all kids' entrees include fries or other side and fruit cup. Servers are friendly and accommodating. My husband recently ordered the falafel, but didn't like the sauce. He was embarrassed to send it back, but the waitress was awesome and quickly brought him a different menu item. Lunches on their beautiful patio are a staple of my summertime routine.

Rating: 5

daveb Creekside Cafe

Fantastic breakfast spot for families with kids! Cozy hole-in-the wall, with a nice outdoor patio, but we ate inside with the kids. Super-nice staff! Restaurants like this are the best thing about mountain towns.

We came back every morning we were in steamboat, it was a great and homey place to start the day.

My wife and I are vegetarians, and the quality of the produce was top-notch -- this is very important to us. The fruit cup for our son was full of ripe blackberries and strawberries, for example. His eyes bugged out! Just an example of how the fruit and veggies were consistently a cut above the norm.

When we go back to Steamboat, this is the place we will come back to. It was by far the best experience we had there in terms of food quality&service.

Rating: 5

Shawka120 Creekside Cafe

i am a huge fan of hole-in-the wall places and this is most likely in my top three i stopped for breakfast and had the wafflelafagus and i cannot believe that it was so huge it was also tasey so much flavor i have not taksed anything as unique as this

Rating: 5

Jen Creekside Cafe

Creekside is in a great location to take a break during a day of shopping. There are a few tables near the creek - go figure! Mmmmm...breakfast burrito...

Rating: 5

Mandy Creekside Cafe

I agree with Brooke. The breakfast burrito is tasty... and big enough to share.

Rating: 5

Brooke Boyer Creekside Cafe

You can't go wrong with anything on the menu at Creekside. My personal favorite is anything that includes their homemade green chili. Amazing!